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Professional Aviator - This is Who I Am

Updated: Aug 2, 2021

Jahmal Bethel

Professional Aviator.

Passionate service, thorough analysis and quality processes provided for your transportation and logistical necessities.


o I am a highly motivated aerospace professional with a solid knowledge of technologically advanced aviation business processes and business systems.

o I am an effective, skilled, quality driven, knowledgeable and experienced aerospace professional

o I have a great deal of insight into the air vehicle from an operator’s, mechanics and engineer’s perspective.

o I am the CEO/Founder of a successful aviation company specializing in providing a varied aviation product to customers who only want the very best and professional aviation services.

The world of aerospace is exciting and innovative for me. I still get that starry eyed look in my eye whenever I see an airplane take off or land and even if I have seen it a thousand times I never get tired of seeing it again. I have been involved and absorbed into the modern aviation profession for more than 20 years and I have watched it grow and endure through many triumphs and tragedies. I can still remember where I was on 9/11 and how I felt when the first plane hit. This is my life’s work and I carry on the proud tradition of those great men that came before me like Charles Lindbergh, the Wright Brothers and the Tuskegee Airmen.

Aerospace will only continue to grow and expand because it was fueled by the blood, sweat and tears of innovators, explorers and adventurers. Men and women that was not afraid to soar into the great unknown sky to claim the glory and to expand the minds of men beyond the forces of gravity. We now have not only the sky to gaze into but also the vastness of space beckons to the brave modern day innovative aviators to expand the minds of men once again.

I pledge to provide the very best professional services and add value to my customers whatever the endeavor. I pledge to continue to be persistent, to be passionate and to persevere in pursuit of my dreams and the dreams of my customers, as it is the only way forward and it is how I came to call myself a professional aviator.

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